An Unexpected Stalker on The Security Brief

I had the pleasure of talking on The Security Brief about being stalked by my next-door neighbor. Every episode of The Security Brief begins with a dramatic true crime story filled with twists, turns, and reveals. Each edge-of-your-seat cautionary tale in this daily, one-hour talk show offers real-world solutions designed to help you protect yourself, your family, your relationships, your home, and your property.

The "An Unexpected Stalker" episode airs on November, 3, 2016. Here is a list of stations that will air the episode. The episode will also be on YouTube, on The Security Brief's channel, one week after the air date, for one day only. 

Stalking is a hard crime to prove. Victims must find logical means to describe a stalker's erratic actions, while describing why sometimes seemingly innocent actions are terrifying. Often, we sound like lunatics trying to describing erratic actions of our stalkers. The other stalking survivor on the show and I had an interesting discussion backstage. What a relief it was, one accomplished career woman to another, to say, "So. You were called crazy, too." What a relief to say that, to another survivor, who was also solidly not a lunatic.

This is why I speak about the crime. It's my hope that as a result of talking about my experience, I raise awareness. To say, "It's not just you."  Making it easier for other victims to get help. Finding words to describe their terror. Giving tools to people who can help.

 Image courtesy of "The Security Brief"

Image courtesy of "The Security Brief"