Listen in: True Crime Factor

I had the honor of speaking about stalking on True Crime Factor's podcast.

 "Microphone,"  Jager McConnel , on Creative Commons

"Microphone," Jager McConnel, on Creative Commons

It's wondermous to have not only survived the crime, but to also have opportunities to talk about it. Each experience taught me something, and resulted with good things. What I appreciated most about this latest opportunity was being able to educate more in-depth on the "how it works" part of the crime. 

Stalking is an incredibly hard crime to identify. The victim must describe and have air-tight proof why seemingly innocent actions (from their resident bully) are so frightening. In the podcast, I lay out examples for how this manifests, including how easily these attacks can be explained away.

Also included is the amount of detailed, grueling work necessary to collect evidence and build a case against my stalker (not to mention why airtight stalking laws are critical), ultimately leading to working with the police for my stalker's arrest