Writing demands

At some point, every blogger posts about reader interactions. After two years of writing on another blog, I guess it's my turn. 

One blogging rule: networking is good. Writing guest posts for another blog, doing link backs with each other, help drive readers to your site. In fact, a few writers and petitioners approached me, looking for that promotion. I understand this is standard Internet protocol. Problem is, their queries come across as demands. "I submit an article and then you post it and then I let you post something. OK?"

What happened to saying please? The art of writing a query letter?

Other times, budding writers looked for advice. Specific, detailed advice. About vague topics. I had no idea what they were talking about.

I wondered if they fell into the Internet trap: where we react and click and forward without research. Did those writers read my old site first, to see where my expertise lay?

Those queries felt like a child tossing a parent his/her coat, saying, "Here. Hold this," while they ran off to play.

So, tell me: what do you expect, for Internet etiquette?

 "Dear Sir &c, by Auntie P on Creative Commons.

"Dear Sir &c, by Auntie P on Creative Commons.