Leg hair or tattoos?

My city seethes with tree-hugging, eco-friendly, follow-your-bliss artists. I love it.

But, it's not for everyone. When a Chicago friend visits, he mutters vile insults. Reminding me that his part of the world is wholesome middle America. And my part isn't. He hisses, "Did you see the guy in mismatched tie-dye? No. You didn't. You absolutely DIDN'T. Wanna know why? You've lived here too long. Running around with a bunch of crazy f^cking hippies."

He had a point.

I started paying more attention to things I accept as normal. Like this conversation at the socks-and-tights boutique:

Customer (pointing at a display): "What's the coverage like for those tights?"

Clerk:  "Thick enough to cover leg hair, but not thick enough to cover tattoos."

Customer: *Sharp intake of breath while nodding at the sage wisdom.*

Yeah. This would probably never happen in Chicago.

 Image courtesy of OvO on Creative Commons.

Image courtesy of OvO on Creative Commons.