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  • Multi-Cultural Event Support Products
    DEOMI Releases New Items
    Multi-Cultural Event Support Products
    DEOMI proudly announces our first multicultural artwork available for download. The many different colors, mixing of colors, and individuals symbolize the many different multicultural, racial, and ethnic characteristics with DOD.
    25mm napoleonic british - fusiliers 36 figures - inf (26722) Continue Reading
  • Assessment to Solutions Enhancements
    DEOCS 4.1
    Assessment to Solutions Enhancements
    The DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey is a tool designed to assist leaders in identifying positive and negative indicators within an organization. Visit our Assessment to solutions area to find tools and products to assist in improving your unit climate.
  • Harassment Prevention
    DEOMI Releases New Products!
    Harassment Prevention
    25mm ACW confederate - regt 30 figures - inf (25667) Visit our new Harassment Prevention tab and new products to include Sexual Harassment Prevention materials.
    25mm AWI american - regt. (plastic) 32 figures - inf (32561) Continue Reading
  • Products Include Quick Response Codes
    25mm napoleonic french - revolutionary 2 guns & crews - art (27672)
    Did You Know?
    25mm medieval spanish - heavy 8 figures - cav (35087) Products Include Quick Response Codes
    DEOMI includes Quick Response Codes (QRCs) on many of our observance support products. These will take you to additional information, videos or photos related to the observance event. Click the link below to check out our additional support products and our QRCs!
25mm napoleonic french - regt 32 (plastic) figures - inf (33126)
Incoming Students
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Heroes Set TSR Ral Partha Miniatures New Sealed SWTEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE - RPG ROLEPLAYING GAME MIKE PONDSMITH R.TALSORIAN OOPForgeworld chaos plague toad with riderPro painted Miniatures Pre painted Warhammer RPG Dungeons & Dragons Pathfinder

Incoming Students

Find course materials and information about your upcoming DEOMI course.

Warhammer, Oldhammer, VAMPIRE UNDEAD - Zombie Dragon & Wight Lord20mm 19th century prussian - regiment 24 figures - inf (28501)25mm napoleonic italian - line 23 figures - inf (23558)Painted MERDC 6mm 1 285 1 300 micro GHQ M48 tank company25mm medieval burgundian - handgunners 18 figures - inf (35218)

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EO/EEO Diversity News

EO/EEO Diversity News

Stay connected with current and evolving human relations issues in the news.

OOP Grenadier Models Masterpiece Editions War Mammoth Of The Undead Legions BNIB25mm artillery 3 guns & 4 crew (6658) metal paintedWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Fourth Edition Rulebook

Napoleonic Prussian infantry x 60. Painted, based.
1992 Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Axe 4 Body 1 Renders Citadel Dwarves Dawi Zharr GW
Warhammer Chaos Scyla Anfingrimm painted finecast miniature
Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day


June Facts

25mm ECW english - civil war cavalry 12 - cav (10083)BOLT ACTION BRITISH 8TH ARMY STARTER ARMY - NEW AND SEALEDBattlefront Team Yankee American M1 Abrams Tank Company World War 3Authentic Roman Firepit Ideal for Camping or LARP Events

Fact: One hundred years ago today, Congress passed the 19th Amendment, ensuring that the right to vote would not be denied or abridged on account of sex. The amendment was first introduced to Congress in 1878, and it wasn't ratified until August 18, 1920. Many women who fought to have their voicesSmall Hand Axe. LARP Weapon Made With Safe Latex And Foam Perfect For Battle Use6mm Roman Era roman - legionaries 190 figures - inf (22686)25mm roman era roman - late battle groups 28 figs - inf (11964)6mm WW2 german - panzer brigade world war 2 - vehicles (11144)GRENADIER MODELS, METAL FIGURES SET, DC HEROES, BOX SET MULTI-LISTING heard never saw the amendment passed. Today we can remember the achievements of the brave women who ensured their own rights and the rights of millions of American women who would follow after them.

10mm ACW indian - warriors 30 figures - cav (27510)
Special Observance Poster

Special Observances

Metal Dwarfs with Bows X8 - Rare - OOP - Warhammer Lord of the Rings C169 25mm medieval burgundian - men at arms 12 figures - cav (35222)
28mm WW2 Bolt Action US Army Veterans Squad (Winter) Painted to Order
20mm WW2 british - infantry world war 2 - inf (18006)

Harassment Prevention & Response

DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS)
6mm ECW generic - battle group 240 figures - inf (29134)

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) wants you to Take Action! Visit our Harassment Prevention Tab for more information on how to support your unit's initiatives by learning how to recognize and prevent these problematic behaviors.25mm napoleonic french - cuirassiers 16 figures - cav (31755)

CRUEL SEAS ITALIAN REGIA MARINA FLEET STARTER SET - NEWWON BY THE SWORD updated, GMT, Board Wargame, Thirty Years War, punched5 x Metal Ringwraiths Inc Witch King Lord of the Rings Weathertop Set Warhammer

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Assessment to Solutions

25mm napoleonic russian - grenadiers 32 figs - inf (18416)
Warhammer Fantasy Age of Sigmar 6 Dogs of War Marksmen of Miragiliano Assessment to Solutions

Assessment to Solutions is designed to support leaders andWARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR GLOOMSPITE GITZ MANGLER SQUIGS - NEW AND SEALEDRunequest - Land of Ninja by Greg Stafford - Avalon Hill equal opportunity professionals by providing tools and products designed to address the mission-impacting issues that were identified during the Climate Assessment Process.WARHAMMER GAMES WORKSHOP REGGIMENTO OF WARRIORS ORC ORC WARRIORS REGIMENTInfinity beyond Icestorm Expansion Corvus Belli Inf 280014 Panoceania NomadsWings of War WWII Airplane series II - Junkers JU.87B-2 Stuka (IV(Stuka) LG 1Warhammer Age of Sigmar Start Collecting Seraphon

25mm napoleonic french - chasseur a cheval 16 cavalry metal - cav (7644)