25mm ACW union - american civil war infantry 15 figures - inf (12424)

Training World-Class EO and EEO Professionals

25mm colonial darkest africa - tribal warriors 16 figures - inf (28282)
  • Multi-Cultural Event Support Products
    DEOMI Releases New Items
    Multi-Cultural Event Support Products
    DEOMI proudly announces our first multicultural artwork available for download. The many different colors, mixing of colors, and individuals symbolize the many different multicultural, racial, and ethnic characteristics with DOD.
    4x T35 Early Soviet Tanks by Zvezda for Flames of War WW2 wargames Continue Reading
  • Assessment to Solutions Enhancements
    DEOCS 4.1
    Assessment to Solutions Enhancements
    The DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey is a tool designed to assist leaders in identifying positive and negative indicators within an organization. Visit our Assessment to solutions area to find tools and products to assist in improving your unit climate.
  • Harassment Prevention
    DEOMI Releases New Products!
    Harassment Prevention
    Warhammer Warriors of Chaos Daemon Prince of Slaanesh Azazel Visit our new Harassment Prevention tab and new products to include Sexual Harassment Prevention materials.
    Warhammer Age of Sigmar Vampire Counts Nighthaunt Hexwraiths 60 Continue Reading
  • Products Include Quick Response Codes
    Did You Know?
    Norse Blood Bowl team, very nicely painted 11 all metal figs Products Include Quick Response Codes
    DEOMI includes Quick Response Codes (QRCs) on many of our observance support products. These will take you to additional information, videos or photos related to the observance event. Click the link below to check out our additional support products and our QRCs!
Warhammer 40K Grey Knights Stormraven Gunship Made & Painted G170
Incoming Students
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Vampire Counts Skeletons Skeleton Warriors 10225mm medieval burgundian - men at arms (plastic) 20 figures - inf (35196)AGE OF SIGMAR CHAOS KHORNE STARTER SET SOLD AS SEEN UNPAINTED (L)25mm roman era hun - light 14 figures - cav (33606)

Incoming Students

Find course materials and information about your upcoming DEOMI course.

Games Workshop Warhammer C13 The Chaos Bredhers Jaek & Helwud Chaos Thugs OOP25mm AWI british - infantry 30 figs - inf (12837)FORGE WORLD NIGHT GOBLIN BUST - Gloomspite Gitz OOP Resin Model Warhammer ArmyWarhammer Slaughterpriest - Well PaintedLE Santa Dwarf Chester Store 1985 unreleased Citadel Miniature Rare OOP 150

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EO/EEO Diversity News

EO/EEO Diversity News

Stay connected with current and evolving human relations issues in the news.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dwarf Fyreslayers Auric Runefather on Magmadredh 863CLASSIC METAL EMPIRE STEAM TANK PAINTED (L)Games Workshop Warhammer Bretonnian Questing Knights Pro Painted Fantasy JB4

Great Unclean One Daemon of Nurgle Games Workshop 40k AOS 20% off UK rrp
25mm napoleonic french - cuirassiers 14 cavalry - cav (12055)
25mm napoleonic french - cuirassiers 8 figures - cav (31461)
Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day

AD&D Advanced dungeons & Dragons Greyhawk Adventures Boxed Set From The Ashes

June Facts

25mm roman era roman - infantry 24 figs - inf (10774)25mm napoleonic british - line 31 figures - inf (29400)25mm napoleonic british - light dragoon regt 10 figures - cav (33100)Star wars legion miniature storm troopers exspansion pro painted made to order

Fact: One hundred years ago today, Congress passed the 19th Amendment, ensuring that the right to vote would not be denied or abridged on account of sex. The amendment was first introduced to Congress in 1878, and it wasn't ratified until August 18, 1920. Many women who fought to have their voices25mm napoleonic french - regt 32 (plastic) figures - inf (33126)1985 Undead BME2 Nazgul on Winged Beast Lord of the Rings Citadel LOTR Wraith GWWest End Games - Star Wars Miniatures 'A New Hope' Grenadier Set 40304 (sealed)25mm napoleonic italian - line 23 figures - inf (23558)Heroforge Miniature Commission For Tabletop, Dungeons And Dragons, Sci-fi RPGs heard never saw the amendment passed. Today we can remember the achievements of the brave women who ensured their own rights and the rights of millions of American women who would follow after them.

40K nurgle death guard Age of Sigmar chaos daemon space marine beast of nurgle
Special Observance Poster

Special Observances

Games Workshop Warhammer Chaos Spawn Metal Fantasy Figure NIB New Mint OOP GW Games Workshop Warhammer Bretonnian Knight Citadel Men at Arms Uncatalogued 90s
Medieval Crusader Surcoat Tabard. Perfect for Re-enactment, Stage & LARP
25mm napoleonic french - revolutionary war infantry 36 figs metal - inf (7777)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Planescape Accessory On Hallowed Ground TSR 2623

Harassment Prevention & Response

JRR Tolkien The Hobbit Battle Of The Five Armies MERP RPG 1984 By ICE Boxed RARE
DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS)
25mm napoleonic british - officers 6 figures - command (35413)

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) wants you to Take Action! Visit our Harassment Prevention Tab for more information on how to support your unit's initiatives by learning how to recognize and prevent these problematic behaviors.25mm classical indian - ancient spearmen 48 figs - inf (12269)

WARHAMMER LORD OF THE RINGS. SCOURING OF THE SHIRE. NEW IN BOX. RARE1998 Golgfag's Ogres Standard Citadel Regiments of Renown Dogs of War MercenaryCitadel C46 Villagers Townsfolk 5x Metal Figures Games Workshop Warhammer 80s M

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Assessment to Solutions

25mm napoleonic french - line (plastic) 24 figures - inf (33450)
Warhammer Fantasy Legends RESIN GALRAUCH THE FIRST CHAOS DRAGON BNIB Assessment to Solutions

Assessment to Solutions is designed to support leaders and1990 Twilightcycle 2000 Paranoia Adventure Module West End Games Roleplay 1201828mm WW2 Bolt Action US Army Veterans Squad (Winter) Painted to Order equal opportunity professionals by providing tools and products designed to address the mission-impacting issues that were identified during the Climate Assessment Process.25mm napoleonic french - regiment 24 figures - inf (35586)28mm flintloque fantasy dwarf Kruatian landwehr 20 figures {16} (20079)25mm 19th century franco prussian - infantry 24 figs metal - inf (9299)DEATHLORDS MORTARCH - WARHAMMER - GAMES WORKSHOP